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Want to learn to skydive?
Hang above the world under your own canopy

Experience the rush of a lifetime and become a qualified skydiver and parachutist.

The AFF (Accelerated FreeFall) course is an internationally recognized course that aims to give, beginners a sound understanding of the theory and practice behind the sport of skydiving.

AFF Course Information

What's Included?

  • Ground Training
  • Instructors
  • Jump Height
  • Jump Type
  • Rig Hire
  • Gear Hire
  • Radio Assisted Landing
  • Video of Jump
  • Debrief

Stage 1

  • 1
  • 12,000ft
  • Tandem

Stage 2 - 4

  • 1
  • 12,000ft
  • Tandem/Solo

Stage 5 - 8

  • 1
  • 12,000ft
  • Solo

Stage 9

  • 0
  • 5,000ft
  • Solo Hop'n'Pop
  • ✔(If Req)


  • Ground Theory
    •Exiting The Aircraft
    •Freefall Signals
    •Altitude Awareness
    •Identifying the Perfect Parachute
    •Basic Canopy Control
    •Landing Proc.
    •Emergency Proc.
  • Identifying Freefall Signals
  • Body Positions
  • Hover Control
  • Heading Control
  • Altitude Awareness
  • Deployment
  • Radio Assisted Landing
  • 360° Turns
  • Introduction to Spotting The Aircraft
  • Docking
  • Backloops & Recovery Contol
  • Tracking
  • Turning in a Track
  • Fast & Slow Fall
  • Radio Assisted Landing
  • Familiarisation with Lower Altitude Exits
  • Stable Solo Exit
  • Altitude Awareness
  • Unassisted Landing (At the discretion of the Instructors

What to Expect

At Skydive Hervey Bay we aim to purposefully build confidence at each stage of the training program. To achieve this each stage is customized to individual learning needs and our training groups are either one to one or at the most restricted to a training group of 3. Training is available all the days of the week, except for Tuesdays.

We kick off our first stage training programme with a full one day training course in the classroom covering vital aspects such as body positions, height awareness, parachute handling, ensuring safe landings as well as general safety and emergency procedures. The day is ended off with your first Tandem Assisted Free Fall.

Packing your parachute and looking after the gear is vital and we thus provide you with hands-on training after each jump to ensure that you can confidently pack your parachute.

At stage 3 you can start to jump on your own, our instructor will be in close contact with you via a two way radio providing you with continuous assistance and advise until you safely land at our drop zone. The course systematically builds on your skills introducing new aspect at each stage until you reach stage 9. This jump is done at 5 000ft, and you will then be comfortable to jump at a lower altitude and be able to land within 25 meters of the target area.

Tandem Assisted Freefall (TAF) is a newer, more thorough way of teaching skydiving students the fundamentals of skydiving. The first two stages of the freefall course are completed as a tandem jump. These jumps are not like your normal tandem skydive/joyride - they are invaluable hands-on training jumps which give you a one on one training session with your instructor! This technique allows the instructor to be right there with you on your first jumps to ensure that you have a stable body position, good height awareness, and deploy your parachute at a safe height. When you deploy your parachute, your instructor is right there with you to teach you what you need to know about the parachute, canopy control, wind indicators, dropzone location and orientation, emergency procedures and landing procedures. Your instructor is simply there for the ride - you deploy, you steer, you setup and you land the parachute.